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Our Mission


Albany Quarry is a producer of a High Grade of Calcium Carbonate and Aggregate Rock materials. Our Mission is to provide the highest quality products and services while consistently meeting our customers’ needs and expectations; to be responsible stewards in regards to the safety and environmental impact of our operations and the products we produce; and to offer these Products and Services at very competitive pricing .  We will strive to be the low-cost producer in our industry and to be second to none with regard to quality, service and technical support. We will provide technical and educational assistance so that customers may use our products in an efficient, safe and environmentally proper manner.We realize that our success is related directly to the talents, dedication and performance of our employees.


We will work constantly to earn the respect and trust of all our customers treating them fairly, honestly and with respect. We will observe a high level of ethical standards and obey all laws and regulations. We will comply with all environmental laws and regulations while maintaining strict and accurate records of all our operations.


We will maintain a high respect for people.  We will support and take an active part in public and charitable events. We will respect the dignity of all of our employees and deal with them fairly. We will strive to maintain an environment that encourages our employees to develop and use their talents and exercise their creativity to achieve superior performance.

All of our employment and advancement procedures will be based on qualifications, performance and organizational needs. We will maintain a firm commitment to employee health and safety.   We will maintain a strong commitment to autonomy in our company consistent with a high level accountability and performance.

We will strive to be open to change and innovation, to push the limits of our abilities, work closely with our employees and listen to our customer so we can always provide the highest level of service and offer a superior product at a very competitive cost.

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