How Aggregates Are Transported

We transport our aggregates to storage piles and then to the point of use. We choose a method of transportation based on a wide variety of factors, including our customers delivery and schedule requirements, distance to the customers site, volume of material to be delivered, loading and unloading facilities available, and the availability of our different transportation methods.

Transporting By Trucks

Crushed Stone Being Carried by a Truck to Building Site.

Dump Trucks are the most common method. Trucks can quickly be loaded at our location and can dump or drop their loads unassisted at the destination. They can deliver practically anywhere there is a road. From small pickup trucks to tractor tailor rigs, trucks are filled to match their load requirements, making deliveries more economical. At Albany Quarry, our scale operator helps to enforce weight laws by making sure trucks do not leave the scale overweight. We require all trucks to tarp their load to help reduce the possibility of loose rock falling from the truck. Tarping also helps control dust.

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