Quarry Knowledge

Did you know?

Aggregate Rock is the only mineral produced in every state in the US. More than two billion tons of this material are used in the United States every year. Let's break that down... that's a lot of stone product...in fact that's approximately eight tons of Rock used for every American each year.


That's a lot of weight...16,000 pounds or 107 average sized people standing on the weigh scale at the same time! Imagine our life without . . . highways, plastics, paint, concrete sidewalks, glass, driveways, medicines, bridges, Drywall, vinyl ,brick, stone buildings, homes, concrete blocks, roofing tiles, shingles and minerals for agriculture. All these things are made possible with crushed stone products !

# Zero / Limestone
The Pit / High Wall

Did You Know?

More than a million workers and their families rely on the country‚Äôs construction materials industries for their livelihoods. Many live and work right in your community. Thousands of other people rely on this industry. With out it, things like schools, hospitals, and airports would not be possible. Albany Quarry employees  live and work right here in this community. All of which maintain a strong commitment to safety and health at our quarry. We comply with stringent federal, state, and local regulations. With a history of outstanding safety records.  We strive to have zero accidents each year.

We take pride in our site beautification efforts in providing dust and noise control, landscaping, truck routing, and attractive entrance designs.

Did You Know?

Erosion control programs use stone. Water and sewer facilities use stone and sand for filtration systems. Utility power plants use crushed stone to reduce sulfur dioxide that produces acid rain. Albany Quarry recognizes the importance of environmental conservation and have placed restraints on activities that cause environmental degradation.  Many community developments occur as a result of quarry reclamation. Local and state parks, wildlife areas, and golf courses are just some of the many beautiful places you can visit because of a quarry. . . .

Did you know...

Every small town,every big city, and every road and building has been built with stone!

Did You Know ?

A Back Bump can transport up to 38 Tons of material 

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